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Door Escape

Play Magic Door Escape Game

Magic Door Escape

Play Magic Door Escape flash game. Magic Door Escape is a Puzzle game to play free online. Controls: Us...

Play Higher Door Escape Game

Higher Door Escape

Play Higher Door Escape flash game. Higher Door Escape is a Puzzle game to play free online. Controls: ...

Play Escape from the Trickster Game

Escape from the Trickster

Just put you in a position that your business partner cheated all your profit shares. Knowing this, you...

Play Royal Guest House Escape Game

Royal Guest House Escape

After busy week days, you got a chance to enjoy your weekend in a royal guest house. You were enjoying ...

Play Lodge Escape Game

Lodge Escape

I was on a research trip with my friend. During the trip, we were supposed to stay at a Lodge in a smal...

Play Escape From Neighbor House Game

Escape From Neighbor House

I heard a strange noise from my neighborhood. The furious yelling sheared my ears. I rushed out to chec...

Play Yuppies Room Escape Game

Yuppies Room Escape

In this game you are trapped inside your friend's yuppies room. Your friend is out of city so you are a...

Play Bizarre Office Escape Game

Bizarre Office Escape

Late hours, I was engrossed in my work. Suddenly I heard a loud noise. When I went out to check-in, I r...

Play Repairmen Escape Game

Repairmen Escape

You are trapped inside in a toxic factory. The door of the factory is locked until the toxic leak is re...

Play Minimalist Room Escape Game

Minimalist Room Escape

Unlock all the rooms and doors to escape.

Play Cute Car Escape Game

Cute Car Escape

Cute car is trapped inside in a Car Workshop. The door of the workshop is locked. You want to escape th...

Play Haunted Mansion Escape Game

Haunted Mansion Escape

Call for all !!! A thrilling escape game to exhilarate you. when i was young, somebody said to me that ...

Play Holiday House Escape Game

Holiday House Escape

Just imagine, you got an opportunity of onsite visit cum holiday trip to your dream city. You went ther...

Play Genius House Escape Game

Genius House Escape

A brainy game for you guys. Just put you in the position that,you got trapped in a house which contains...

Play Escape from Mini Flat Game

Escape from Mini Flat

A challenging escape game to test your skills.Now we are going to lock in a mini flat with numerous puz...

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